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Supply and Logistics

Based on drawings and other relevant technical documentation, an offer is prepared. The quotation includes unit price and cost of moulds.

The offer will also include suggestions for optimal series delivery based on expected annual consumption.

Before production of the first series delivery, samples are prepared for approval by the customer.

During the production process, Fe Foundry A/S ensures that the samples meet the technical data and quality requirements that have been set for each task.

As a general rule, Fe Foundry supplies ab Herning.

We also have the opportunity to offer a warehouse agreement – we are happy to discuss this possibility in connection with tendering.

What are the general requirements for offers and logistics:
This depends on the specific requirements that the main supplier has set for subcontractors. In general, however, the following are some of the most common requirements that subcontractors have to meet in relation to quotations and logistics:

Offer: the subcontractor must provide an offer that is competitive with other suppliers and that includes all relevant information about the product or service, including quality, delivery time, price, payment terms and guarantees.

Delivery time: The subcontractor must provide an accurate delivery time that takes into account any delivery challenges and is consistent with the primary supplier's requirements.

Logistics: the subcontractor must provide an efficient and reliable logistics solution that ensures the safe and timely delivery of the product or service. This includes, for example, transport, storage, packaging and handling of the product.

Documentation: the subcontractor must provide relevant documentation for the product or service, including technical descriptions, certificates, test results and manuals.

It is important to note that these requirements may vary depending on the specific needs and requirements of the primary supplier. It is therefore important that the subcontractor carefully examines and understands the requirements of the main supplier before submitting a tender.