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Carbon steel and special steel alloys, are known as very weldable alloys.

Steel is an alloy of iron with other elements, primarily carbon (carbon) – low content.

Steel's base metal is iron which can take on two different crystal structures, cubic space-centered and cubic flat-centered, depending on its temperature. It is the interplay between these allotropes and the alloy elements, primarily carbon, that gives steel and cast iron their many unique properties. 

Selection of alloys within steel:
GS38 / 1.0420 - typically used for drop forging
GS45 / 1.0443 - typically used for automotive wear parts
GS52 / 1.0552 - typically used for weldable wear parts
GS60 / 1.0558 - typically used for heavier wear parts
GS70 / 1.0554 - typically used for towing hooks and tows

Steel structure