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Sejjern - GGG

Seiron also called SG-iron is cast iron with ball graphite. It is a good and often cheaper alternative to carbon steel forgings. Ball graphite replaces ordinary steel and has better properties in many areas. The more pearlite compared to ferrite, the stronger the iron. The mechanical properties of the iron differ depending on the amount of iron perlit and how much it consists of ferrite

SG iron is used for suspension, turbochargers, hydraulic components and gears.

Alloys within SG iron:
EN-GJS-400-15 / GGG 40 - typically for wheel hubs
EN-GJS-400-18-LT - typically for wind power
EN-GJS-500-7 / GGG 50 - typically for diesel engines
EN-GJS-600-3 / GGG 60 - typically for flanges
EN-GJS-700-2 / GGG 70 - typically for crankshafts

white cast iron