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Sand casting

It offers traditional sand casting from hand shaping to forming on fully automatic DisaMatic lines.

We offer items weighing 0.5 kg. up to 15,000 kg.

Alloys for sand casting are most often gray iron, sejjern, steel types, aluminum and bronze.

We produce for example:
DISA 2013 / 230 - DISA 2032 / 240 - DISA 2070 / 270 - DISA 280 & DISA Match weights from 0,5 kg. up to approx. 80 kg. Series sizes of approx. 300 pieces and upwards.

Manual shake press machines. Series sizes of about 10 pcs and upwards.

Hand shaping up to subject weight of 15,000 kg. Series size from 1 piece upwards.

Traditional cash registers such as HWS and the like. Series sizes from about 25 pieces upwards.

Automatic sand casting