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As an alternative to normal casting, we can offer lowering of parts. Lowering is a process where a raw material in a particular alloy is heated and squeezed into a shape with a so-called large hammer – thereby preserving the structure of the material and having a more homogeneous workpiece without the possibility of internal defects as with normal casting.

This process is only suitable for larger series from 1,000 pieces upwards.

Alloys for lowering are usually only steel alloys.


The history of caulking

In the 1800s, caulking became common. Here, tools are mounted in a drop hammer that are exact counterparts(dies) of the desired workpiece. Shaping could be done in stages, striking each tool until the final shape was achieved. More recently, fully automatic forging machines have been developed.

Forging was the predominant method of shaping iron and steel until around 1860, when new methods made it possible to produce molten steel at prices that made casting a realistic alternative.