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Through close dialogue with the customer as well as a thorough preparation, we help optimize the design of the workpiece so that the result is top notch.

For the manufacture of models, 3D drawings are based on the technical department simulating mould filling and solidification.

Our laboratories carry out continuous analyses of chemical and physical properties while checking dimensions on 3D measuring machines.

We can offer to collect the delivery of all castings, regardless of alloy, saving you time and costs.

At the customer's request, we supply the products either as raw castings, machined, surface or finished.

Fe Foundry A/S has extensive knowledge and experience, within a wide range of casting technologies, machining techniques and surface treatment methods.

One of The Foundry's core competencies and primary tasks is, ensuring the right production technique in each case, in close cooperation with the customer and one of our foundries.

Fe Foundry A/S works according to certified quality and environmental management system and all our suppliers are certified after this. We also actively participate in ensuring good quality assurance processes at each of our foundries.

What is subcontracting advice:
Subcontracting consultancy includes assistance and support to a main supplier or a customer in relation to a specific task or project. It may include advice on technical issues, business decisions, project management or other aspects of a company's operations.

As a subcontractor, you often play a supporting role to the main supplier or customer and may be asked to provide advice on a wide range of topics. It is important to have a deep understanding of the client's industry and needs in order to provide relevant and useful advice.

It is also essential to have strong communication skills and the ability to work with the main supplier or customer to ensure that the advice meets their expectations and requirements. It is important to build a strong relationship with the main supplier or customer to ensure long-term business opportunities and a positive reputation.

All in all,
subcontracting consultancy plays an important role in helping the main supplier or customer to achieve their goals and increase their success.