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Pumps and Compressors

Fe Foundry A/S offers casting of pumps and compressor parts in many sizes and materials. We can meet the needs of both a few at a time and many.

With, among other things, our automatic moulding system DisaMatic, we have the opportunity to accommodate the casting of pump housings and compressor parts, where there is a need for deliveries of medium or very large series sizes. Items are produced with precision and with great intensity of churns.

With our hand shaping, we can also deliver as little as 5-10 pieces at a time.

When making pump and compressor parts in moulded material, the workpieces are typically required to withstand a given pressure and be tight.

When making pump parts in copper alloys, it is most often necessary to impregnate the parts afterwards to ensure tightness under pressure – we can also cope with this.

In the manufacture of pump parts for the food industry, special requirements apply which we can also meet.

We work with the customer and our foundry on the best choice of alloy and any necessary finishing.

With ongoing climate change and the world's environmental policy, there has been a strong focus on sustainable energy. As wind is a naturally occurring phenomenon, it is therefore only logical to try to exploit this – Fe Foundry A/S can also supply castings to this industry – produced from up to 50 percent recycled iron.

pump flange GG 20 machined
stainless steel pump AISI

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