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Fe Støberiet A/S
Industrivænget 12, Lind
7400 Herning

telefon 97 40 65 10  +45 97 40 65 10
mailadressen er:

Core Values at Fe Stberiet A/S


Fe støberiet A/S has with its more than 60 years experience thorough knowledge of moulding techniques and alloys and keep maintaining this knowledge.
We put an honor in offering the most suitable solution to your needs in particular.


Through continuous development and I close cooperation with our foundries, Fe støberiet A/S ensures high quality castings.

Customer Focus

All processes at Fe Støberiet A/S have integrated customer focus. Through optimal solutions it is our wish that our customer must achieve the most optimal value chain.


The employees at Fe Støberiet A/S are goal oriented and work hard to achieve results.

Delivery Performance

Fe Støberiet A/S strives at all time to deliver on-time, with as short lead-time as possible.

Our Mission and Vision


It is Fe Støberiet's vision to be the customers total supplier of quality castings including being the customers consultant within the core competence moulding and to be a part of the optimization of the customers value chain.


It is our mission successfully to consult, sell and deliver castings on time at a high quality for the Scandinavian and Northern German industries.

With consultancy we mean to use our significant knowhow within castings, moulding techniques and our foundries abilities to find the most appropriate foundry.

With selling we mean, to provide castings of high quality through individual customer treatment and good follow-up service.

With delivery we mean to manage our Supply Chain flexibly in order for the customer to receive the products on time in right amount and right place.

Fe Støberiet A/S  •  Industrivænget 12, Lind  •  7400 Herning  •  telefon 97 40 65 10  +45 97 40 65 10  •  mailadressen er:  fe @ fe-s .dk