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Fe Støberiet A/S
Industrivænget 12, Lind
7400 Herning

telefon 97 40 65 10  +45 97 40 65 10
mailadressen er:

Purchase Policy

Fe Støberiet A/S must act on the principle, best product to the right purpose at the best price.
Our purchase policy involves that we for the purchase of goods and services use suppliers that continuously can meet our need and expectations, and in this connection must take the suppliers competence and cooperation into account.

We must strive to build a good partnership with the most important suppliers in order to strengthen the common ability to compete. The relations with our suppliers must be known by full sincerity and cooperation, also including mutual exchange of knowledge and information.

The goal with our purchase policy is to secure high delivery performance, solid quality performance and eliminate receive control.

Purchase Policy

Demands to Our Suppliers

Quality and delivery time is important factors.

The Supplier Delivers Goods and Services I Right Quality, Time and Amount.

• Deviations must be informed Fe Stberiet A/S immediately.
• The supplier has the responsible to pack the good correctly in accordance to provided prescriptions and to avoid damages.
• The supplier must quickly and safely manage deviations, claims and other problems.

Documentation that MUST be present by shipment

• Delivery note or detailed package note
• Clearly reference to purchase order and item number.

We expect that the supplier on own initiative comes with impulses and suggestions to improvements and continuously strive to achieve high efficiency and competitive prices, also including -

• Control of specifications against failure and quality
• Control of processes to costs savings
• Development of routines for ordering, delivery security and minimizing stocking.

Fe Støberiet A/S  •  Industrivænget 12, Lind  •  7400 Herning  •  telefon 97 40 65 10  +45 97 40 65 10  •  mailadressen er:  fe @ fe-s .dk