A selection of our products

A selection of our products – Fe Foundry A/S manufactures and supplies cast items to a wide range of customers and product areas. We produce parts from machine parts for special items that have specific requirements for surface, material and general properties. Fe Foundry A/S documents the process and can always follow the items up to five years before the production date. Fe Foundry A/S is order producing and is happy to make offers to our customers according to specific drawings. If there are no drawings but only one item, we are also able to produce drawings and 3D files for our customers. 

Fireplaces & wood-burning stoves


Fe Foundry A/S has extensive experience and know-how in the production of wood-burning stoves. We can therefore advise on the design of the individual components from the idea stage. In close cooperation with the customer and our production, we review the drawing material and make suggestions for the right design so that optimal results are achieved by the casting process and any machining is minimized.

We are happy to provide advice about the casting process in connection with tendering. 

We can also offer complete installation of wood-burning stoves.

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Incineration & heating plant

Herning Power Station
Herning Power Station

Over the years, Fe Foundry A/S has built up a great deal of experience in supplying grates and slats for boilers and heating systems – both large and small.

Therefore, in close cooperation with the customer and our foundry, we can offer solutions in heat-resistant castings in just the right material. This means a much longer shelf life for the items and thus a significant saving for our customers.

The materials and alloys Fe Foundry A/S primarily works with for heatproof grates can handle up to approx. 1,100 streets celsius.

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Cars & trucks

Moulded components for automobiles, passenger cars and trucks are a great consumer of our molded parts.

With its more than 70 years of experience, Fe Foundry A/S has built up in-depth knowledge of the casting of components for cars & trucks.
Therefore, Fe Foundry A/S is also able to offer the manufacture of components for the automotive industry at very competitive prices and high quality.

We have fully automatic DisaMatic systems, and can thus offer casting where larger quantities are needed.
Fe Foundry A/S also offers machining and finishing of the items, so a complete item can be delivered to our customer.

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Machine parts & wind

Fe Foundry A/S has almost always supplied subcomponents to the mechanical engineering industry. Be it parts for the manufacture of robotic machines, components for the manufacture of egg trays and much more.

There are very varied requirements for subcomponents for machines – therefore Fe Foundry A/S is available with advice on choosing the right material, casting technique, machining and relevant surface treatment in connection with tendering.

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Pumps &compressors

Fe Foundry A/S offers casting of pumps and compressor parts in many sizes and materials. We can meet the needs of both a few at a time and many.

With, among other things, our automatic moulding system DisaMatic, we have the opportunity to accommodate the casting of pump housings and compressor parts, where there is a need for deliveries of medium or very large series sizes. Items are produced with precision and with great intensity of churns.

With our hand shaping, we can also deliver as little as 5-10 pieces at a time.

When making pump and compressor parts in moulded material, the workpieces are typically required to withstand a given pressure and be tight.

When making pump parts in copper alloys, it is most often necessary to impregnate the parts afterwards to ensure tightness under pressure – we can also cope with this.

In the manufacture of pump parts for the food industry, special requirements apply which we can also meet.

We work with the customer and our foundry on the best choice of alloy and any necessary finishing.

With ongoing climate change and the world's environmental policy, there has been a strong focus on sustainable energy. As wind is a naturally occurring phenomenon, it is therefore only logical to try to exploit this – Fe Foundry A/S can also supply castings to this industry – produced from up to 50 percent recycled iron.

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Agriculture & agro

For many years, Fe Foundry A/S has supplied moulded parts for agriculture.

These are hardy items such as inserts, plough parts & shovel parts for construction machinery. 

The items are prepared in agreement with our customer in the most suitable material.

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Pharmaceutical & food products

Food requirements are stainless and acid-resistant. There are high requirements for components used in the food industry. Therefore, Fe Foundry A/S closely follows developments around the world, so we are always at the forefront of the latest production requirements. Moulded parts are made of stainless and/or acid-resistant material.

Among other things, we produce hooks for transporting slaughterhouse goods, pumps for transporting e.g. milk, valve housings for transporting liquids, cask coupling houses used in brewhouses and many other items.

In close cooperation between the customer and taking into account the requirements, Fe Foundry A/S is able to advise and offer topics to the food industry and to the pharmaceutical industry.

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Copenhagen bench &Kitchen

Copenhagen bench:
Fe Foundry's A/S moulds the gables for the original Copenhagen bench – Quality with BIG K

We cast the gables for this bench classic, which originally dates back to late 18th-century Copenhagen. These are castings of very high quality in black lacquered cast iron, intended for the Danish weather. Since 2007, the benches seen in the City of Copenhagen have been delivered from Fe Støberiet A/S.

We also offer our customers to be able to buy this bench completely ready for installation. The bench is sold to private and commercial companies. All the components of the bench are carefully selected to match a high level. The bench is equipped with two seat planks and a back plank in hard FSC approved precious wood. For the sake of the wood's surface finish, the beautiful color and durability in wind and weather, the woodwork of the bench should be maintained continuously. The mid-bar of the bench is made of solid black lacquered steel.

The more than 200 years on the market are not due to any coincidence; seat comfort is second to none. The Copenhagen bench is optically a beautiful and timeless piece of Danish history, which – anywhere in the country – can adorn outdoor areas for generations.

Length 188 cm. Height 85 cm. Depth 65 cm. Available in mahogany, green-painted maghoni and other woods on request.

Prices from DKK 8,995.00 + VAT. Offers for more than one paragraph

Indoor &outdoor kitchen:
Fe Foundry A/S offers castings for indoor &outdoor kitchen. With high surface requirements and high quality, items such as pots, grates, pots and pans are produced.

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Here you can see a selection of other cast parts and topics with machining.

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