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Fe Støberiet A/S
Industrivænget 12, Lind
7400 Herning

telefon 97 40 65 10  +45 97 40 65 10
mailadressen er:

Fe Støberiet advises until final product

Through narrow dialogue with the customer and a thorough pre examination, we help optimizing the shape of the parts to secure a top result.

For the manufacturing of pattern equipment we use 3 D drawings at the same time our technical department simulates filling the mould and solidification.

Our labs conduct ongoing analysis of chemical and mechanical abilities and at the same time conducting dimensional control in 3D measure equipment.

Fe Støberiet is a valuable partner to you

We can offer to be responsible for all your needs of casting, no matter alloy, in order for you to safe money and time.

Based on customers request, we deliver products either as raw castings or machined, surfaced treated or after treated parts.


Focus on Innovation and Development

Fe Støberiets engineers have substantial knowledge and experience within a broad range of:

• Casting Techniques
• Processing Techniques
• Surface Treatment Techniques

The Proper Production Techniques

One of Fe Støberiets core competencies and primary tasks is, to secure proper choice of production techniques in every single matter in close cooperation with our customer and one of our foundries.

In cooperation with our Chinese facility, we develop and strengthen the manufacturing techniques continuously in order for the products to meet at least the same demands as applying for western companies.

Quality Assurance and Control

Fe Støberiet has a fully implemented and certifiable quality- and environmental management system.

We also participate actively to secure good quality control processes by each of our foundries.

Fe Støberiet A/S  •  Industrivænget 12, Lind  •  7400 Herning  •  telefon 97 40 65 10  +45 97 40 65 10  •  mailadressen er:  fe @ fe-s .dk