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What material is the oil lamp made of?
It is made of cast iron containing up to about 50% recycled materials. However, the lid and firewood head are made of stainless steel.

Can the lamp be used inside?
No the lamp must not be used inside due to fire hazard.

How much lamp oil can there be in the lamp?
There may be 4 liters of lamp oil.

Do you want to fill the lamp completely with lamp oil?
Yes we recommend that you fill it up completely the first time.

Can I use the oil lamp right away?
The oil lamp should stand for 24 hours with lamp oil before turning on so that the wick has sucked enough lamp oil.

Do you want to pull the wick further up?
Yes it can be pulled further up to get a slightly larger flame, and from the start there is a little tape on the wick which just needs to be removed.

What does the lamp weigh?
It weighs 8,2 kg. net

How high is the oil lamp?
It measures 32 cm. In height incl. lid.

What does the oil lamp measure in diameter?
It measures about 22 cm. In diameter.

Can stainless steel well rust?
Yes it may actually well rust over time, especially if it has got some scratches on the surface.

Who sells the oil lamp?
See our page referring to dealers - See the dealer overview here

Is there lamp oil in the whole ball?
Yes there are cavities from the handle into the ball so that the lamp oil fills the entire ball.

How long can the oil lamp burn?
It depends a lot on the weather outside. Temperature and wind affect burning time – so here you can build your own experience. We don't have a minimum burn time on the oil lamp.

Can you change the wick?
Yes you can easily change the wick, it is done by unscrewing the bottom and then pulling a new wick up through the handle.

What do I need the provided funnel for?
It is used when filling lamp oil. - see picture shown.

My oil lamp is leaking at the bottom – what do I do?
Try tightening it at the bottom with the included key – turn clockwise to tighten it. See picture shown.

Maybe the gasket is in the wrong place?
You can then straighten the rubber gasket and unscrew the bottom completely – tighten it well.

What is the small lid for?
The small lid should be on when the lamp is not in use – it protects against water. The lid can also be used to turn off the oil lamp.