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Finishing of components

The finishing of cast metal parts is an important part of the manufacture of many different products. It is the process of working with metal parts after they have been cast to give them the desired finish and shape. There are several different methods for finishing cast metal parts, depending on the final product and the requirements placed on it.

One of the most common methods is grinding and polishing. This is done to remove any imperfections and give the piece a smooth and shiny surface. This can be done manually or using machines.

Electroplating is also a popular method for finishing cast metal parts. This is done to protect the metal from corrosion and rust. Electroplating can be done by covering the metal with a thin layer of another metal, such as zinc or copper.

Painting is also a common method of finishing cast metal parts. This gives the part a protective barrier against the elements and can also give the part a particular colour or finish.

Passepartout is also a method of finishing cast metal items, this is done to give the item a rounded edge and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

It is important to choose the right method for finishing cast metal parts as it can have a significant impact on the quality, durability and appearance of the final product.

If components are to be used where there are high requirements for robustness to wear and tear, Fe Foundry A/S offers various types of finishing that make the products more resistant to wear.

Some components must be used in an environment where high requirements are placed on robustness in the face of breakage. Therefore, fe foundry offers finishing, which strengthens the tensile strength – also called relaxation.

Examples of post-treatments:

In particular, the industry of construction and agricultural machinery uses wholly or partly hardened parts so that the product can withstand the great wear and tear of being pulled through clay soil.

Example of component finishing